Aroma tourism in Rio (for those who like to smell their way around)

Embark on a scented adventure with aroma tourism in Rio. Discover fragrances and indulge your senses in this olfactory exploration.

How can you experience Rio’s unique culture through scent exploration?

Engage your senses, explore captivating fragrances, and embark on an olfactory journey through the vibrant city. Discover the scents that define Rio’s culture, from tropical blooms to rich coffee aromas. Immerse yourself in the sensory delights of aroma tourism, and let the captivating fragrances transport you to the heart of Rio’s vibrant atmosphere. Embark on an olfactory journey unlike any other.


Jardim Botanico 

(Botanical Gardens)

jardim botanical garden Aroma tourism in rio

6500 different species of endangered and exotic plants, and home to a variety of birds, wild monkeys and marmosets. Rio’s most beautiful garden provides an unforgettable experience for your senses.

Farmer’s Market

fruit market Aroma tourism in rio Aroma tourism in rio

A great way to experience the local vibe is to visit one of Rio’s farmer’s markets. Experience the hustle and bustle of this energetic atmosphere and feast your eyes on the vibrant colours. Enjoy the delicious flavors of fresh fruit and vegetables on sale at these popular markets. (Check Fruit-Brazil’s fruit-tasting tour to find the weekly market schedule and location.)

Tijuca Forest or Paineiras

Hike through this Atlantic tropical rainforest with 30 waterfalls and spectacular views. The incredible biodiversity here is rich with the wonderful aroma of nature and home to hundreds of different species of animals.

Churrascaria Palace

Treat yourself to a traditional Brazilian grilled feast at this venue. Choose from delicious options of meat, fish and seafood, all served straight from the grill, some on skillet carts. Carnivore heaven!

Grumari or Recreio Beach

Enjoy the wonderful sea air as you relax on the beach, away from city pollution and crowds. Play volleyball on the soft, white sand, and watch the surfers ride the waves!

Vidigal or Rocinha (or any favela)

Favelas are densely populated areas, so expect a rather funky odor in the air when you visit. Vidigal does offer some fabulous views though!

Saara (market area in Centro)

A potpourri of all sorts of smells, sights and sounds, Saara is a bustling place with lots to see. You can buy almost anything here, including household goods, food and electronics. 

Maracana during a soccer match

Enjoy the thrill of a soccer match from within a crowd of testosterone!

Garota de Ipanema

Staff bring the skillets to your table, so you can’t help but enjoy the glorious picanha steak aroma!

Marina da Gloria

If you fancy a cruise around the bay, you’ll experience the tropical marina smell, distinctive but not too pungent!

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

The ‘Heart of Rio de Janeiro’ is renowned for its tranquility and beauty. Cycle around the path or enjoy the jaw-dropping sunsets and the fabulous fresh smell of the lake.

Galeto (Chicken) restaurants in Copa

Grills are by the entrance instead of in the kitchen, so you will smell the delicious aromas as soon as you enter!



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