Bar foods to eat in Brazil

Here are some of the top bar foods to try in Rio:

Bolinho de bacalhau
A portion of cod fish cakes which are originally from Portugal, and which are huge here. Where to try: Bracarense (Leblon)

Porção de Pasteis
Portions of deep fried wontons which come in different flavors (beef, shrimp, or cheese). Where to try: Belmonte (Ipanema or Copa)

Aipim frito
Deep-fried cassava, a stringy cousin of the potato. Where to try: everywhere!

Carne seca com Aipim
Just like Aipim Frito but with sun-dried jerked meat, very popular. Where to try: Informal (Leblon)

Caldo de feijão
A hearty Brazilian soup made from black beans and spices, and often includes meat, served hot as a comforting, flavorful dish. Where to try: Devassa

Frango A Passarinho
Deep-fried chicken parts. All of them. Where to try: Sindicato do Chopp (Ipanema or Copa)

A popular Brazilian snack, is a crispy pork belly with a rich, savory flavor. It’s deep-fried to golden perfection, offering a satisfying crunch and indulgent taste, often enjoyed with a cold beer or as a side dish. Where to try: Brasileirinho (Ipanema)

Deep-fried and breaded tiny fish, somewhat disgusting, as you eat the entire fish: head, tails, and guts. Where to try: Sindicato do Chopp (Ipanema)

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