Best Restaurants in Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Tasting Ipanema – our top picks

Ipanema is the sweet spot in Rio, small, safe, and right by the beach. It’s like the beating heart of your vacation. You’ll probably find yourself here every day, so, where’s the go-to for your taste buds?

Let’s compile a list of the best restaurants in Ipanema, ordered according to my favorites.

Garota de Ipanema restaurant in ipanema - Restaurants in ipanema
Visit Garota de Ipanema for iconic bossa nova and mouthwatering Brazilian beef
grilled steaks, rice, french fry, beer, Restaurants in ipanema
Picanha (rump steak) with rice, fries, and vinaigrette

Number one would be Garota de Ipanema, a restaurant where you can have a Picanha (rump steak) Brasileira, which is a picanha top sirloin. A two-pound piece, sliced thinly, is served on a hot skillet along with rice, fries, and vinaigrette. An ample serving for maybe two to four people, depending on how hungry everybody is.

A restaurant name is Galitos grill in ipanema - Restaurants in ipanema
Grilled chicken magic happens here
Grilled chicken with rice and beer - Restaurants in ipanema
Grilled chicken with rice and beer

The second is Galitos, which is a grilled chicken place on the corner of Farme de Amoedo Street and Visconde de Pirajá Street.

Fronteira Restaurant
Fronteira Restaurant
Fazendola Restaurant
Fazendola Restaurant
arabic restaurant name is faraj with arabic foods - Restaurants in ipanema
When Arabic flavors meet the heart of Rio
collage image of arabic foods
Variety of Arabic foods

Faraj claims the fourth spot, right on the corner between Ipanema and Copacabana. It specializes in all things Arabic, serving up an array of delicious Middle Eastern delights.

zaza bistro restauarant decorative interior and delicious foods - Restaurants in ipanema
Fine dining with an eye-catching decorative setting
Restaurants in ipanema zaza bistro inside view
Decorative interior view

Then, for dinner, you want to consider Zaza Bistro, on Rua Joana Angelica with Rua Prudente de Moraes. Very progressive, cutting-edge, healthy-style food. Mostly small portions, but everything is extremely fine, and the decor is also beautiful.

a place called Via sete in ipanema
steak with some salads - Restaurants in ipanema
 Restaurants in ipanema - grilled wild salmon
Grilled wild salmon

Another fun place to go for lunch is Via Sete, a fabulous venue on Rua Garcia Dávila.

German foods in Ipanema - restuarant name Bar Lagoa
German foods in Ipanema
french fries and meat
Beef with french fries
fried fork meat with some potato salad
Fried pork meat with potato salad

Craving German flavors? Look no further than Bar Lagoa, on the Lagoa side of Ipanema, between Vinicius and Joana Angelica, with a view of the lagoon.

A restaurant beside the road name is puro brasa - Restaurants in ipanema
Top spot for beer, food, and happy hour fun.
Meat and beer served on a table
Food and beer

For beer and food, one of the best places in Ipanema right now is called Puro Brasa. Excellent for a happy hour, and the food is rather impressive.

For a romantic date try Le Pulet
a model with some deserts  in ipanema - restaurant name is le pulet

If you want something romantic and you’ve already been to Zaza, then I would consider Le Pulet on General Osório Square. You’ll find it on Rua Jangadeiros, number 10.

canstra is a bar and restaurant best for drink and pizza
Canastra Pizza on Rua Jangadeiros is another great pizza spot.
pizza with some drink
Pizza with drinks

The other incredible place for pizza is Canastra Pizza, also on Rua Jangadeiros.

Restaurants in ipanema - Satiricon - seafoods paradise
Seafood paradise
Variety of seafood
Variety of seafood
cooked shrimp - Restaurants in ipanema
Cooked shrimp
shrimp on a plate
chocolate desert on table
Chocolate icecream desserts

If you want to go all out with seafood, then head to Satiricon, on Rua Barão da Torre.

Discover healthy, delicious food at New Natural - Restaurants in ipanema
Discover healthy, delicious food at New Natural
Healthy Vegetables dishes -Restaurants in ipanema
Healthy vegetables
fried fish, omlette, and salads- Restaurants in ipanema
Fried fish, omlette, and salads

If you’re looking for good food by the pound that’s also healthy, you might want to consider New Natural, on Rua Barão da Torre and Farme de Amoedo.

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