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Unleash your culinary passion about cook in Rio de Janeiro. Hence, Join our cooking classes for an authentic taste of Brazil

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In the vibrant heart of Rio de Janeiro, where samba rhythms infuse the air with energy and the aroma of Brazilian cuisine beckons with every breeze, Cook in Rio was born in 2009. Consequently, founded by Cristiano Nogueira, a passionate culinary enthusiast, our cooking class offers a unique and unforgettable experience for foreigners yearning to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of local culture.

A Taste of Brazil in Every Bite:

Conceived as a dream, Cook in Rio introduces Brazil’s diverse flavors beyond typical tourist spots. Our simple, profound mission is to connect travelers with Brazilian culture through cooking and shared meals.

Group of people joyfully cooking and sharing a meal, representing the fostering of a genuine connection between travelers and Brazilian culture through the culinary experience of Cook in Rio.

A Journey Through Brazilian Cuisine:

Step into our Ipanema kitchen for an immersive culinary adventure, led by skilled chefs. Here, we blend Rio’s market vibrancy with our kitchen’s playful ambiance.

Our cooking classes showcase the eclectic range of Brazilian cuisine, from picanha to moqueca, from tapioca to caipirinhas. You’ll learn to prepare these dishes with your own hands, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that capture the essence of Brazil’s diverse regions.

Sip, Savor, and Samba:

At Cook in Rio, we believe that the heart of Brazilian culture isn’t just found in its cuisine but also in its spirits. Therefore, Our classes aren’t just about cooking; they’re also about savoring the moment. That’s why each class comes with a side of laughter, camaraderie, and yes, a dash of the finest Brazilian cocktails.

You’ll master the art of crafting caipirinhas and other iconic Brazilian cocktails, ensuring that every class is a spirited celebration of life, love, and the joy of being in Rio de Janeiro.

Hands holding a colorful array of Brazilian cocktails, representing the spirited celebration of life, love, and the joy of being in Rio de Janeiro through the cocktail crafting experience at Cook in Rio.


Over time, Cook in Rio has evolved into a cultural bridge. Also, Students worldwide arrive as strangers but leave as friends, bonded by their shared love of Brazilian cuisine.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Cook in Rio is not only dedicated to sharing the best of Brazilian cuisine but also to preserving the environment that sustains it. We source our ingredients responsibly, support local farmers and artisans, and minimize waste through sustainable practices.

Fresh ingredients from local farmers and artisans, representing Cook in Rio's commitment to responsible sourcing, environmental preservation, and sustainable practices in Brazilian cuisine.
Join Us on a Culinary Adventure:

We’ve celebrated over a decade at Cook in Rio, offering fun, educational classes for all, from novice cooks to experienced chefs. Consequently, join us to discover Rio’s flavors, immerse in local culture, and create lasting memories.

At Cook in Rio, we guarantee an unforgettable journey, not just a meal. Moreover, your taste buds will dance and your heart will sing to Brazil’s rhythms. Therefore, join us to savor Rio de Janeiro’s flavors!

Obrigado for choosing Cook in Rio, where flavor meets fun, and where every dish is seasoned with love.

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