What to eat at a Comida a Quilo Restaurant

A cheap yet tasty way to try some unique Brazilian vegetables is to hop into a food-by-the-pound restaurant called Comida-a-quilo restaurant, where you weigh the food on your plate and pay accordingly. 

Firstly, you can look for jiló (Scarlet eggplant) and xuxu (chayote squash), and some might have Casquinha de Siri (Stuffed Crab Shells). Also, some offer Torresmo (pork rind), which are pork cracklings or pork rinds. 

jiló cooked and served in a plate brazilian vegetables
xuxu recipe brazilian vegetables
Casquinha de Siri (Stuffed Crab Shells) brazilian vegetables
Casquinha de Siri

Additionally, you may come across cupim (beef hump) or picanha (ramp cap), which are cuts of meat. Most of them will have the vinaigrette served along with the steaks. 

cupim (beef hump)
beef steak with traditional brazilian cut
picanha (ramp cap)

Also, you can try some salads, especially those with Brazilian leaves, such as chicória (green vegetables which taste like chicory). Lastly, try all forms of cassava, manioc, and yuca; in Brazil, they are called mandioca. 

brazilian salad with chicória (green vegetables taste like chicory)
Salad with Brazilian leaves (chicória)
boiled cassava served in a plate brazilian vegetables
Boiled Cassava
deep fried cassava with salad brazilian vegetables
Deep-fried Cassava
smashed cassava brazilian vegetables
Mashed Cassava

The root Manioc = cassava = yuca, is a far healthier carbohydrate than potatoes, rice, wheat, or corn. It is a complex carbohydrate full of fiber, tons of nutrients, and slow-release sugars. Therefore, whenever it shows up on the menu, do opt for it, especially fried cassava, which is called aipim frito in Rio de Janeiro. In the rest of Brazil, it’s called mandioca frita. In the northeast of Brazil, it’s called macaxeira frita.

While visiting a comida-a-quilo (sometimes comida-a-kilo), you can find traditional Brazilian dishes such as: 

  • Escondidinho (Brazilian chicken shepherds pie)
  • Arrumadinho (Meat beans, and vegetables)
  • Feijoada (Black bean stew)
  • Feijão tropeiro (Trooper beans)
  • Arroz de carreteiro (Wagoner’s Rice)
Arrumadinho is Brazilian dish
feijão tropeiro 
fried rice with with meats it called arroz de carreteiro and itis brazilian racipe
arroz de carreteiro 

These are all delicious and worth investing your lunches in.

Show this list to the manager and they may help point out the dishes they might be serving that day.

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