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For Visitors in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

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Tips for travelers wanting to enjoy Brazilian food

Brazilian foods sea food fish curry its called moqueca in brazil

What to eat in Brazil

On what should you invest each of your precious bites during your Brazil travels? Whether you're a foodie or just here for the good vibes, we will guide you through the delights of Brazil's food scene. So, grab a fork (or maybe just your fingers) and get ready for an unforgettable journey of tasty surprises, unforgettable moments and vibrant experiences. After all, in Brazil, every meal is a celebration!

Where to eat in Rio de Janeiro

Rankings of our favorite restaurants, bars, street food vendors, farmers markets and supermarkets. Not only do we lead you around the not-to-be-missed venues, but we also reveal some hidden gems. Of course, no guide around Rio is complete without a fabulous pub crawl! So, without further ado, let the feast begin!

caipirinha drink with some lime in the glass Brazilian foods

Popular Brazilian recipes

Sure, you can find recipes on YouTube, but here there is no overwhelming selection of options... just one recipe per traditional dish, drink, dessert or appetizer. So, say goodbye to decision fatigue and let's look at these popular favorites!

Our Food Tours in Rio

Cooking Classes

Forget dining out, and master the art of Brazilian cuisine! Not only are our half-day cooking classes more fun and culturally rewarding, but you'll also enjoy sipping on a fresh caipirinha!

Food Tasting Tour

Explore 33 uniquely Brazilian food items, from meats to fruits to candies to juices to street food in a 3-hour tour. As well as a fantastic introduction to the diverse world of Brazilian flavors, you will have an expert guide leading the way.

Exotic & Tropical Fruit Tasting

Brazil is fruit-central! Not only are there over 250 fruits originating from Brazil's 6 biomes, but also Brazil is the world leader in fruit variety. So, come and explore the flavors of over 17 exotic fruits in a 2-hour market tour.


Our goal is to help you discover Brazilian food.

In contrast to some countries that are famous for their splendid food, Brazil has yet to fully embrace the art of gastro self-promotion. Which is a shame, as Brazil has the largest variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, roots, trees, and flowers. In fact, it has dozens of recipes and styles of eating that are culturally unique and rich. Inevitably, it’s only a matter of time before the world catches on. So, follow our tips, and you’ll be in on the secret before everyone else.

brazilian foods diversity


We might be able to help! We know various foodie guides, critics, chefs, farmers and exporters!

The act of cooking and eating together fosters a sense of community and belonging that transcends borders and unites us all as human beings.

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