Bakery foods to look for in Brazil

Brazil has quite a number of bakery items that are worth trying while visiting. Cassava has played a big role in being the foremost carbohydrates and bakery items are all about carbohydrates. So here’s a list of some of the most interesting and unique bakery foods to look for while visiting Brazil. 

Pao de queijo

The first one is the Pão de Queijo, which is a Brazilian cheese bread and the best ones are in the state of Minas Gerais, but you can find them just about everywhere now in Brazil. You don’t buy just one, unless it’s a big one, you just buy a bunch of little ones and eat them, all in one go along with coffee or juice or even beer. They get hard if you wait more than a few hours, so eat them straight from the oven.


The second item is Broa, which is a corn cake or a corn muffin or a corn muffin top. Whenever you see one in a bakery, buy it because they’re sort of rare. Great with coffee.

Bolo de aipim / Bolo de mandioca

The third item are the cassava cakes. Sometimes mixed with coconut, sometimes just by itself, but definitely worth it. Great with coffee.


The fourth item are the rolls. Brazil is big on doce de leite, so look for rolls filled with doce de leite. Great with coffee or for dessert.

Biscoito de polvilho

And the fifth item are what we call biscoitos, which are cassava starch baked biscuits that puff up and become crunchy, light, almost flavorless or very subtle flavored puffs. Great at anytime, as they dont weigh much.

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