Dessert to eat in Brazil

Condensed milk meets chocolate on the stove, is then rolled into a ball and sprinkled with…chocolate sprinkles… must try.

Pudim de Leite
Just like a “flan”, but sweeter.

Pudim de Clara
Before egg whites and sugar become a meringue, it becomes a pudim de clara, a very soft, sweet and airy pudding. A must for sweet-toothed people.

Egg yolk, sugar and other sweet stuff makes this another must-try.
Pastel de Belém
Vanilla in an oven baked doughy cup. Portuguese dessert. Very good.

A roll with a doce de leite center… absolute must.

Crunchy bread nest with nuts and honey topping.

A harder tapioca pudim with condensed milk on top.

Salada de Fruta
If you are on a diet, or are a sugar-hater, then a tropical fruit salad is in order, Wuss.

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